For 25 years Marchel Ratering, founder of Vaccinatiecentrum, was the assistent of the Student Doctor at Wageningen University. A couple of years ago he started his own practice. First at Duivendaal, later at the Nexus building and eventually the vaccinationcentre was located at Plantage 8 at Campus Plaza. Even though the vaccination centre is located at the campus, we welcome every traveler. Because of our expertise and experience we can help you towards a healthy, safe and pleasant journey.

Are you going on vacation? A buisness trip? Research or fieldwork abroad? Don’t hesitate to consult one of our travelnurses. Pieter Oostenbrink, Sharona Erol, Yvon Schuthof, Kayleigh Usmany and Judith de Klein will help you to prepare your trip. 

Plantage 8
6708 WJ Wageningen 
Tel: 085 – 902 03 03

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