Your own Campus Healthcare information and Prevention hub


Dutch healthcare is very good but also different from home. We are here to help out!

Here you’ll find answers to your health- and wellbeing-related questions.

We will make sure you’ll get the right care during your stay in Wageningen.


You can visit us on Monday through Friday from 09:00-16:00 at Plantage 8 on the Wageningen campus.

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Sexual Transmitted Infections
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What is the Healthcare Hub?

The Dutch healthcare system differs from what international students are used to.
It is a complicated system that causes many questions, misunderstandings and prejudices.
The nurses at the Healthcare Hub are there to help you, so feel free to drop by.
We will be happy to answer your questions in person.

What does the Healthcare Hub provide?

  • Walk-in consultation
  • Information on Dutch Healthcare – GP – Dentist – Medicines – Medical specialists – Hospital – Emergency room etc.

How to reach the Healthcare Hub?

  • Daily walk-in consultations
    without appointment on Mon-Fri between 09:00-16:00
  • Call Mon-Fri between 09:00-16:00 0317-224180
  • Email to:
  • Make an appointment using the Appointment-button.


We help you find the place where your question can be answered or your problem solved.
Please be aware that the Healthcare Hub is an info point only and does not treat physical and mental complaints.

Contact us

You can find us at the Wageningen campus, in the building of at Plantage 8.

Healthcare Hub
Plantage 8
6708 WJ Wageningen

Healthcare Hub is a collaboration with
and located in the same building.