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About us
Marchel   Peggy  
Marchel   Peggy   Pieter
Louise   Yvon   Nienke
Louise    Yvon   Nienke
Judith   Sharona   Pieter van Thiel
Judith   Sharona   Pieter
Margriet   Ellen    
Margriet    Ellen    

We would like to introduce you to our team

Marchel Ratering 
Is the founder of the vaccination center. He is a registred nurse since October 2006, specialized in travel health advice. He visisted Tunisia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Senegal and Cambodia. 

Pieter Oostenbrink 
Works as a travel health specialist nurse since 2003. He started working in this field for the TCO and since 2008 for the vaccination center. He visited Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India, Nepal, China, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Pieter works mainly in Wageningen. 

Louise van de Kimmenade
Works for the vaccination centre since January 2016. Louise likes to travel a lot. Bali is her favourite destination. She also visited Costa Rica, Cuba, Turkey, Tunisia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. 

Yvon Schuthof 
Works as a travel health specialist nurse since 2010. She succeeded Tropical Training in 1995 at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam. She is also Member of The Netherlands National Coordination Centre for Travellers Health Advice. Yvon used to teach nursing in Leiden and later at St. Francis Hospital in Zambia Katete. Tropical countries visited: Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya, Seychelles, Costa Rica. Yvon mainly works in Wageningen. 

Judith de Klein 
Judith started working for the vaccination centre since April 2018. As a kid, she always dreamed of becoming a tour guide. Instead, she became a nurse. Before she started at the vaccination centre, Judith worked as a district nurse for five years. Now, as a travel health specialist nurse, she can combine the best of both worlds. 

Nienke van Leusen 
Nienke started working for the vaccination centre in 2012. In 2017 Nienke moved to Houston, Texas in the USA, where she lived and worked as a CrossFit L2 coach. She recently moved back to the Nederlands and was welcomed back at the vaccination centre. Nienke mainly works in Nijmegen. Nienke has travelled a lot, she visited Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Emirates, Turkey, Marokko, Namibie, Canada, USA, Mexico, Guatamala, Nederlandse Antillen, Bahama’s and different countries in Europe.

Sharona Erol
Sharona started working for the vaccination centre in 2019 as an intern. After she graduated nursing school she started working at the vaccination centre as a nurse. In 2017 Sharona moved to Australia for her study to do a semester abroad. In 2019 she made a roadtrip through West Canada, since then her bucket list with destinations is growing. While traveling she loves to be in nature and she likes to learn more about the culture of the country she is visiting. 

Peggy Pol
Peggy is our dedicated office manager. You can call or e-mail her from monday till friday with any question. If you don’t succeed with making an appointment on our website, you can call Peggy 085 9020303.

Margriet Blij
Margriet started working for Vaccinatiecentrum.nl since november 2019 as financial assistant. She ensures that all cash flows within Vaccinatiecentrum.nl run as smoothly as possible. Margriet likes to travel and prefers to do that with the backpack somewhere high in the mountains. Also she likes to bike on her road- and mountain bike.

Ellen Chin is the (quality)manager of vaccinatiecentrum.nl. She started working for vaccinatiecentrum.nl since may 2018 and is involved in quality and personnel policy, procedures, protocols and improvement processes. She monitors the quality which Vaccinatiecentrum.nl offers. Ellen likes to travel inside and outside Europe and prefers to do that with the backpack.

Pieter van Thiel is an internist-infectiologist and former consultant of the Ministry of Defence and staff member of the Infectious Diseases Department and Tropical Health department of the Amsterdam Medical Centre. Our nurses work under his supervision.   






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